Healing, Growing, & Living

What does it mean for someone to heal, grow, and live? My therapeutic style involves the integration of all three concepts. As your therapist, I will support you during the change process. As we work together, I will assist you in moving toward change and feeling better about life, overall. 


Healing is the process of cleansing or purifying. In order for you to begin to heal, you must first acknowledge that there are situations in your life that need to be healed.This initial step of acknowledgement is a difficult one for many, but once you acknowledge that there is an issue that needs to be addressed in your life, you can then focus your attention on working through the issue and working toward change. 

Change is difficult, in itself, but it is a part of your healing journey during the course of therapy. Perhaps you have already tried to change your situation yourself, but have not seen any level of success from your efforts. The difficulty of change is heavily tied to the idea of comfort. Although we, as human beings, may be frustrated by, hurt by, or fed up with a problem or situation, we sometimes continue to embrace these problems or issues simply because they are comfortable or familiar. Many times even the thought of having to become "uncomfortable" in order to heal keeps people in the very place of discomfort that they are eager to escape.

As you embark upon your journey during the therapy process, understand that change must ultimately be experienced if real healing is to occur. Perhaps you will need to change your perspective and outlook on life, change your personal or professional goals, change your priorities in life, or change negative thought patterns and behaviors regarding a particular issue with which you are struggling. With acknowledgment of your issues and a sincere commitment toward change, you open yourself up to the healing process.   


As you continue to heal from past and current hurtful, pessimistic, or traumatic experiences, you may experience periods in which you believe that you are going backwards. You may feel stuck at times and you might even want to give up as you experience the "growing pains" of the therapeutic process. Many times, clients are excited about and anticipate the growth that they know they can make while in therapy, but they sometimes become uneasy with the emotions, thoughts, and feelings that are experienced as they are working through their change process. 

Feelings such as these are a normal part of the therapeutic process for many, especially for individuals who have never been in therapy before or for those who have been carrying around unresolved issues from painful or traumatic events of the past. Growing can be a wonderful process as you aim to change behaviors and beliefs that have been hindering your emotional progress. With growth, though, you should prepare to be emotionally stretched and challenged, similar to how you would be during a physical growth process. Growing pains don't last forever. With work and guidance, the pains of your growth during your time in therapy can help to transform you into a more holistically balanced individual--one with renewed strength and focus.


Living! This is the ultimate goal--for you to walk out of my therapy office one day and be able to apply to your life all of the information, tools, and awareness you have gained during your therapy sessions, without my assistance. As we walk through the healing and growing processes during therapy, you will begin to understand how to live differently, step by step, day by day. The first "living" goal, then, is for you to begin to experience life differently while you are still in therapy. 

As you begin to live again without my assistance, you should be able to revisit your accomplishments made during your time in therapy. Healing and growing through your therapy process should give you the freedom to continue to explore new, beneficial ways to cope with life's issues and to begin to fully experience life!

I am a therapist and provider who specializes in the treatment of depression and anxiety. My office is located in the city of Anaheim (near Cal State Fullerton). I provide treatment via teletherapy, throughout the state of California. I accept the following insurances:

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